Engaging in creative problem-solving through art is not only a thrilling endeavor but also a source of immense motivation for me. Despite pursuing different careers in the past, I have always been drawn to the creative aspects of various subjects. However, it was through the different stages of my life that I truly discovered my passion for art and realized that it is what I genuinely want to pursue. The beauty of design has always captivated me, and as an artist, my perception follows a distinct pattern that allows for the freedom only artists can create. Moreover, I have gained experience in various artistic disciplines such as photography, life sketches, Adobe Suite, and multimedia.
I have honed my skills and knowledge through my studies at LACC and CSULA. Throughout my artistic journey, I have explored diverse materials, including working on Bristol paper with acrylics, creating 3D artworks using materials like paperboard and foam paper, and even venturing into multimedia and film editing, with proficiency in tools like iMovie. My past experiences working in television and my current involvement in a trendy West Hollywood restaurant, coupled with my active presence on social media, have made me acutely aware of the competitiveness within the media industry.
Embracing my competitive nature, I constantly engage in critical self-evaluation, which drives me to continually improve my skills and techniques while also considering the business aspects of the industry. This awareness of the competitive landscape pushes me to strive for excellence in every artistic endeavor. With my passion, skills, and determination, I am committed to not only producing exceptional artwork but also navigating the dynamic media industry with professionalism and innovation.