The bird of paradise is our city’s emblem and it represents having a good perspective on life. This flower also shows diversity with its different colors and represents LA’s people. The sun in the flower is a metaphor for success and happiness as it embraces action. This is Los Angeles, a sprawling city with wonderful weather and beautiful nature that represents optimism, reinvention, and the promise of a better future. 
For the pictograms, the logo resembled,  the mosaic effect, and the organic shapes of the flower were used to create the pictograms. Their colors were made by using the main color of the flower for the pictogram and the different tints of the whole. The decision was made to keep the main meaning of the Olympics as unity, diversity, and the promise of a better future. 
Identity System
The identity system shows the different locations where the Olympics will take place. Each location has a different color tint taken from the colors in the bird of paradise. 
Set of Posters
The set of posters for the Olympics 2028 portrays the Olympics emblem (bird of paradise) with their sponsors, quotes, and the event’s year.  The style of the posters is screen-printing and it expresses the creative process as it elevates the spirit of the Olympics to show respect for the athletes and the visitors around the world. The textures were added to create more contrast to the illustrations and to give the effect of screen-printing for the background. The background colors are the tinted colors for the main logo. 
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